Tracking Donor & Alumni Stock Portfolios  
    Target top donors and alumni that have recently raised significant cash by selling stock
  Increase your donor pool by identifying high net worth alums
    Monitor individuals who have reported donating
large blocks of stock to non-profits
    Screen wealthy individuals who have recently
acquired sizable stock holdings or options
    Donor Watch’s unique and robust set of research tools empower development teams and fund raisers to effectively manage their relationships with top as well as high potential donors.


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 Below is a sampling of alumni from top colleges that raised significant cash over the past month by selling stocks

Alum Name Date Shares Market Value School Name
XXXXXXX Gerald L (Chairman & Direct...) 2017-08-04 380,916 $20,603,746 Duke University
XXXXX Joseph (10% Owner) 2017-08-18 2,075,395 $18,678,555 University of Pennsylvania
XXXXX L John (Director) 2017-08-15 13,556 $12,500,722 Rice University
XXXXXXX Howard M (Director) 2017-08-10 332,087 $11,971,725 Emory University
XXXXXXXX Richard A (Chairman and CEO...) 2017-08-07 193,131 $13,713,186 University of Miami
XXXXX Indra K (Chairman and CEO...) 2017-07-24 340,449 $39,636,162 Yale University
XXXXXXXX Arthur D (Director) 2017-08-07 35,000 $5,515,300 University of Washington
XXXX Michael S (Director) 2017-08-14 100,000 $5,125,000 University of Texas at Austin
XXXXX Joseph (Director) 2017-08-14 2,390,000 $244,377,500 University of Pennsylvania
XXXXXX Marillyn A (Chairman, Pres. &...) 2017-07-19 26,000 $7,553,824 University of Alabama

  °OE: Options Exercised °Acquired: Shares Acquired (non-purchased)

°Disposed: Disposition of shares (non-sale)
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