Case Studies


 Small College significantly widens Donor Prospect Pool, Uncovers $2.5 billion in alumni assets


A prospect researcher at one of our longtime clients moved to a new city and started a new job on the prospect research team of a small college. Her previous employer, a major university with a large endowment, had a huge team of development professionals and prospect researchers with unlimited resources. At her new school, she felt overwhelmed by all of her responsibilities and the lack of resources available to her and her team.

Having been a frequent user of Donor Watch in the past, she suggested that they should purchase Donor Watch to assist with their prospect research and donor tracking efforts. Some of the veteran team members were quick to dismiss her suggestion, claiming that they already knew the few alumni that had publicly available stock holdings and that they did not see the need in having a tool that could track them more closely.

Despite their reservations, she contacted Donor Watch and was setup with a trial account. Beyond the few alumni that her school was already tracking, Donor Watch's team of skilled research analysts were quickly able to identify an additional 35 new alumni prospects. Despite their significant stock holdings, the majority of these alumni were not even on the prospect research team's radar.

Next, Donor Watch helped expand their tracking list to over 55 alumni and also added an additional large group of prospects that included influential leaders in the school's local community. The school is now tracking over $2.8 billion in prospect assets and credits Donor Watch's user friendly tools and alerts with helping it secure millions of dollars in donations.

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