Donor Prospect Targeting: June's Top Liquid Multi-Millionaires and Regional Insights


July, 2011
Despite the Dow Jones' rocky road in June, a large number of executives at US companies found opportunities to fill their bank accounts by selling more than $2.35 billion in stock. Notably, $1.45 billion of June's selling activity was made by just 237 wealthy individuals. According to Donor Watch, all the individuals on "June's Liquid Multi-Millionaires" list sold more than $2 million in stock last month.

Nearly all of the individuals on the list have college degrees, except for the top seller, Michael Rubin. Rubin, who dropped out of Villanova University after just 6 months, sold his company GSI Commerce to eBay last month for $2.4 billion. He cashed out nearly $125 million in stock last month, bringing his accumulated stock wealth to more than $170 million, according to Donor Watch.

  Prospect Profiles - Quick Facts

  Bryce Blair
  Chairman & CEO, AvalonBay Communities (Virginia)
     Trustee, Urban Land Institute
     Member, Young Presidents Organization
     University of New Hampshire, BA
     Harvard Business School, MBA
     349th on the Forbes Executive Pay in 2010
  Steve Ells
  Chairman & Co-CEO, Chipotle Mexican Grill (Colorado)
     Director, The Land Institute
     Supporter,The Nature Conservancy
     University of Colorado at Boulder, BA
     Culinary Institute of America, Graduate
  Richard "Wooly" Woolcott
  Founder & former CEO, Volcom (California)
     National Scholastic Surfing Association Hall of Fame in 2004
     National Football Foundation, Board of Trustees
     Entrepreneur of the Year by Chapman University (2010)
     Creator, Volcom Give Back Series
     Pepperdine University, BA

The second largest seller in June was Richard Woolcott, who is a graduate of Pepperdine University. Woolcott took home $61 million when his California-based sports apparel company Volcom was acquired by luxury fashion group PPR, bringing Woolcott's accumulated stock wealth north of $110 million. Woolcott's father, Rene Woolcott, also made the list. Rene was a director at his son's company and gained $26 million from the PPR acquisition. Rene Woolcott, who is 79, has a B.S. from New York University and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.

Other notable top sellers on the list include:
 (#6) Bryce Blair of Washington, DC-based AvalonBay Communities who sold $27 million of stock
         (University of New Hampshire graduate)
 (#8) Michael Kowalski of New York-based Tiffany & Co who sold $21.9 million
         (University of Pennsylvania / Harvard MBA)
 (#9) Steve Ells of Denver-based Chipotle who sold $21.3 million
         (University of Colorado / Culinary Institute of America)
(#10) Gary Dickerson of Gloucester, MA-based Varian Semiconductor who sold $18 million
          (University of Missouri, Rolla / University of Missouri, Kansas City MBA)
(#15) Craig Ramsey of California-based who sold $14.8 million
          (Denison University)
(#20) Todd Schermerhorn of New Jersey-based C.R. Bard who sold $11.2 million
          (University of Massachusetts, Lowell / Babson College MBA)

A regional analysis of where the executives on the list received their undergraduate college degrees revealed that more than one fourth of all the individuals went to school in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, accounting for $355 million of the selling activity. The schools with highest amount of alumni stock sales from the Mid-Atlantic region included the University of Maryland, University of Pennsylvania, New York University and George Washington University.

Western and Midwestern schools accounted for $279 million and $277 million of the overall sales, respectively. The West was led by the University of Colorado and Stanford University, while the Midwest was led by University of Michigan, St. Louis University and Northwestern University.

Other regions represented include: New England (20%), South (11%) and International (5%). The Southern region was led by University of Miami, Georgia Institute of Technology and University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

In addition to college degrees, the prospect list's members also hold 78 M.B.A. degrees, 33 Law degrees, 10 PhDs and nearly 50 other graduate level degrees.

Donor Watch's research product is utilized by the development offices and prospect research teams at many leading colleges, universities and non-profits. To view detailed profiles of individuals on the list that are alumni of your university, please sign-up for a free trial of Donor Watch


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